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February 2012
Thu, Nov. 19th, 2015 11:19 pm

I don't care if you friend me or not, but locked posts are for people I know and trust. Thanks.

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Mon, Feb. 6th, 2012 04:39 pm

I am sorry old friends. This journal is kind of dead, but I am still on here. I guess my paid account has expired, and I don't think I am going to update it if I don't post so much. But it was hard deleting a lot of my userpics...

   News; I am going to be working for a new family in a few weeks; full-time. I am a nanny, so I will be watching a new baby. In the meantime, I am looking to move out. It's a bit hard finding an affordable apartment in a nice area, but I've come across some new apartments that I am a bit excited about.
   My cat got sunburn, so I took him to the vet today. He is fine, but I have to give him drops. He did not like that all, but he was pretty good and happy for the vet. He even started to purr when the doctor listened for his heart beat.
   I have been in a relationship for over a year now with the most wonderful person (man). We like to spend time watching movies, discussing nerdy things, cuddling and we apparently both want the power to teleport. Oh and he loves me, and I love him.
   Also, I miss you friends. Perhaps we should have a movie party.

EDIT: OMG, after I update, LJ offers me a two week trial of a paid account. Really LJ, you tell me now that I could have my userpics for a little longer?

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Sat, Feb. 26th, 2011 10:53 am
Yesterday, I was at my boyfriend's. It was dinner time, and we were making pizza for ourselves. His mother, was baking a potato in the microwave. It beeps. His mother, Donna, enters the kitchen. Will, my boyfriend, adamantly tells his mom about her potato, pointing at the microwave...

"Mom, mom! Your potato is done! See?"
"Mom, your potato, see? Your potato... your potato."
"It's done. Your potato."

Donna: "Blinks and Stares"

Will pretty much says the same thing over and over for about a minute. Then his mother makes a fist at him.
Me: Um honey, I think she gets the point.

And then the slapping/tickling begins.

Will: Ow... Mom! Your potato! Ow you are hurting me. See? She's abusing me!
Donna: You little- *Yells insults*

Time passes as the Cunningham's get into a round of silly bickering and slapping.

Donna: *pinches the potato* It's not done.
Will: Mom your potato isn't done.
Donna: Oh my god, shut up!

Me: Honey, is our pizza done yet?
Will: *Checks" Nope
Donna: Bill, your pizza isn't done yet! Bill!
Will: Your a.... fanny.
Donna: That was mature.
Will: Hey, it's the proper term....

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Fri, Feb. 11th, 2011 09:52 pm

Has it ever happened where a song sounds slightly faster than you remembered it to be? Well I'm listening to this song, and I swear the song in the music video is slightly slower. Hmmm...

Oh don't mind me. I just feel like posting some 80's Music Love.

OKAY never mind. It's the same tempo. Maybe my brain is slow.

Ya know, I think music is the best form of artistic expression ever. I love all kinds of music, and I am addicted to discovering more and more musicians. My library is getting so full right now. O_O But honestly, music affects me in different ways. Like, Cat Power? Makes me want to fall asleep in a good way and HER VOICE IS HELLEVA sexy. And Crystal Castles make me feel like going to a club where only Hipsters hang out.

And Moby? One of his songs recently moved me to tears. I have not cried over music in such a long time. But because I have a new love, love songs touch me in certain ways now.

<3 Music forever and ever.

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Sat, Jan. 22nd, 2011 10:58 am

Natalie Portman gets her crotch touched at least 4 times in this film. End of story.

LOL, I kid you not though. It's a VERY sexual movie. But I LOVED it. Very well done. It's a pyscho-thriller drama about a Ballerina. And if you haven't heard of this movie, nor know anything about it, LOOK IT UP. And GO SEE. But I actually recommend NOT seeing it with people you know. Go alone. In fact, if you buy it on DVD, watch it alone. There are several scenes that will make you feel uncomfortable. It's not really a family film that you would want to watch with your Grandma. LOL. Natalie even claims she felt uncomfortable doing certain scenes that she wouldn't even want her parents to see it. It's that... poignant.

But I give it 5/5 it deserves to win Best Picture.

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